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HFD Ministries
Mentorship Program

It is extremely rare to find mentorship when it comes to the inner healing and deliverance area of ministry. HFD Ministries has made this accessible and affordable, with three different mentorship plans. You can choose a weekly, monthly, or annual mentorship plan. Each plan has the same perks. Here is a list of the perks:

  • 12 Video Call (or in-person) Sessions Per Year.

  • Private Mentorship Group.

  • Unlimited Messaging for Questions.

  • All Access to the Online Training Courses.

  • Sit In With Mason As Prayer Support During Sessions.

  • Free Inner Healing/Deliverance Start Up Bundle (All 3 Books).

  • Free Access to Events (online or in-person).

  • Private Intercessor Group.

Click one of the orange boxes below to select which mentorship plan you would like.​

HFD Mentorship.png
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