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Paying for Prayer Sessions?

I have done over 300 inner healing and deliverance sessions since 2020. I have never set a price for a session until recently. I would like you to understand why the change, but first, before I get into this, I want to say that I would never allow finances to hinder someone from getting ministry. Now with this being said, I would like to show you some perspectives that the Lord has shown me that have changed my views on this topic. Those that know me understand that I have always been heavily against doing things this way, so let me show you why i've had a change of mind on this issue. I'm only going to cover five points in order to keep this as brief as I can...

  1. Here at HFD Ministries, I believe that inner healing and deliverance sessions should be conducted as part of a church's ministry which is supported by one's tithes to their church. So if your church does not offer this like they should, you are having to go out and find a ministry who does offer this. Having to pay for a session is no different than giving to your church in this aspect.

  2. A ministry like HFD Ministries is ran by those who give/donate, just like a church runs off of the giving of the congregation. If no one gives, the church shuts down. If no one gives to HFD Ministries, we shut down and the ministry is no longer available.

  3. There are ALWAYS costs involved in ministry. It costs me around $4,000 a month to cover ministry costs and keep my bills paid. In order to do this ministry full time and also provide for my wife and kids, there needs to be a steady income. It is NOT possible to run a ministry like this and also work a job. Sessions take up anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day. If I just hoped that people would donate so that this ministry could stay in operation, that would put me in an uncomfortable position which the enemy could use to bring discouragement (I know this because I've been through it). If you are not a minister, it would be difficult for you to see it from a minister's perspective, it can be a very stressful way to live having to wonder when and how your bills will be paid, or if your ministry will still be able to operate.

  4. When a person comes for a deliverance session, someone is paying for the session, even if the deliverance candidate chooses not to donate. Even if the candidate chooses not to donate, it is still costing the minister time and money. This is just how the world works, there is a cost to everything. Trust me, if I had the financial capability to offer things for free, I absolutely would! But when 8 out of 10 candidates don't donate, it isn't good, and it isn't right.

  5. This is a Christian counseling ministry. An inner healing and deliverance counseling session consists of the minister working with the candidate to find the roots to problems, get the wounds healed, and the demons out. This costs much time, and much money. There's just no way around it. Most Christian counselors to not even do deliverance, and most don't even do inner healing! Would you say that if the Christian Counselor added inner healing and deliverance into his/her sessions that he/she should no longer charge for their sessions? I do not think so, the counseling practice would go bankrupt if they quit charging! HFD Ministries is one of the very few ministries that offer inner healing and deliverance. This ministry is no different than Christian Counseling, other than the fact that we do Christian counseling the correct way, and that is with inner healing and deliverance. Imagine if there were Christian counseling practices set up all over the United States who also did inner healing and deliverance! Can you imagine the impact that would have, and of course they should charge for their time so they can stay in operation! In order to keep this ministry alive, there has to be an income. Otherwise it will no longer be available. Unfortunately there are other ministries out there just like this one who are barely able to stay afloat. This should not be so. People need to sow into ministries with fertile soil. Trust me, if I had partners that covered my costs monthly, I wouldn't even charge for sessions, but the bills need paid, and the ministry has many costs...

In summary, having a set price is no different than receiving tithe from a congregation, if ministries like this one operated in hopes that people give, we wouldn't know if the lights would stay on next month, and that's no way to operate. Everything has a cost, whether it's time, money, or materials and resources. When you give to a ministry, you are sowing into what God is doing in and through that ministry, and I believe that the Lord blesses mightily those who give/donate. It's so interesting how people will prioritize so many other things like paying for entertainment, Netflix, apps, and other things, but when it comes to ministries charging for things it becomes a problem. Everything has a cost, especially ministry. Just like I stated earlier, when a person comes for a deliverance session, someone is paying for the session, even if the deliverance candidate chooses not to donate. A good question would be this "how much does one value this type of ministry, or minister?" Another good question would be "How much does one value their own inner healing and deliverance?"

There are many debates out there about this, you may agree or not agree, but this is my belief on the matter...

Much love and blessings!

~Mason Ledbetter

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