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The Struggling Christian That Says "I'm Okay."

I was at a revival service recently and whenever it was time for people to be released to come up and receive prayer, not one person came up for prayer. This was shocking to me. One of the people at the service had just got done giving her testimony at the microphone and stated that she was still hurting from what happened to her in the past. I thought at least she would come up for prayer, but she didn't! Are Christians wanting to struggle in silence? Are they afraid to be vulnerable? Are they afraid to lose their dignity? Are they too prideful to be ask for prayer? I think it's time to humble ourselves and let Jesus wash our feet.

I don't care how great things are going in my life, I will always go up for prayer. I could ALWAYS use more prayer in my life, I will never pass up an opportunity to get prayed over! This is how we all should view it, why would we not want more prayer? Prayer is so powerful, of course I would want to receive it any way I can get it!

Here's the problem. We have so many Christians who suffer because they think it's just how life is. They don't even know they need inner healing and deliverance. They don't even know there's a possibility of freedom. I'm here to tell you that Jesus Christ bought your deliverance, and your healing, inside and out! He bought it for you through His sacrifice on that cross! We have too many people who sit in church services every Sunday and leave the same way they came in, still in bondage. They are sitting in church full of oppression, bondage, torment, afflictions.... you name it! This should not be so, but they see it as normal. This is not normal! You can live a life full of freedom, healing, peace, joy, and rest in Jesus! He paid for you to be able to do so! If you are struggling with things, you shouldn't be, you need prayer!

If you've gotten prayer for the same things many times with no results or no change, it's time to humble yourself and get with someone who can walk you through inner healing and deliverance with Jesus. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable or lose your dignity, and you can put your pride down because even pastors, leaders, and ministers also need inner healing and deliverance. It's the children's bread! We all need it, and we all will continue to need it! Do not be ashamed, let Jesus wash your feet. Let Jesus do what He wants to do with you. After all, the Father knows you more than you know yourself, and He knows exactly what's best for you!

It's time to get up and get in line for prayer. It's time to stop acting like everything is okay when it isn't. Even if everything is okay, we can always use more prayer. When it's time for the altar call, every single person in the room should be in line for prayer. Jesus wants to heal you, He wants to heal your inner wounds, He wants to deliver you from your struggles. You don't have to keep living with these things. Get in line at the altar call, or make a prayer appointment. You can be free, and you can be healed inside and out.

Much love and blessings,

~Mason Ledbetter

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