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Are You In Need of a One on One 

Deliverance Session?

This is how my process goes for those who are wanting a one on one session.

Watch the video below in its entirety! God has been using this video to get a lot of people free, and a lot of times they don't even need a one on one after they go through this video!

If you go through this entire video and still think you may need a one on one session, scroll down to the deliverance request form on this page underneath the video and get that filled out and submitted and I'll get back with you as soon as I can, keep in mind there is high demand!

Who Are We

Please Fill Out The Form Below

This "Pre-Deliverance" Form makes it easier for me to get the information I need from you to set the groundwork to work with you. It takes away a lot of time that I would be spending questioning you about these things. It also allows me to pray over it and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me about your situation, so please take the time to fill this out and I will look over each one and contact you about setting up a date for our session. Please be patient with me, I have a small team that works with me and we get many many submissions, but don't worry, we will get with you! Also you can always attend my mass deliverance service LIVE Stream on Sunday evenings at 7pm CST! LIVE Streaming on Youtube and Instagram! If you attend my LIVE Streams and still continue to have issues, please fill out this form below and I will get with you soon! Much love and blessings in Jesus name!

Pre-Deliverance Form

Fill out the Deliverance Request Form below then click "Submit"

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