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Getting Offended

Getting offended is a response from unhealed wounds. There are many other responses from unhealed wounds but offense is one of the biggest ones. Offense is literally the bait of Satan. The enemy loves to intertwine themselves into the unhealed wounds and play off of them.

When I speak of wounds I’m speaking of soul wounds from traumas and hurts that have happened throughout life. These traumas and hurts have fractured or shattered pieces of the soul, the mind will and emotions of a person, causing soul wounds. The enemy will intertwine themselves within these wounds and use them to their advantage.

A person who has had their soul wounds healed by Jesus will be extremely difficult to offend. Offense is a telltale sign that there are wounds that need to be healed by Jesus. I’m not saying that someone who has had their soul wounds healed by Jesus will never ever be offended, but, it will be very difficult to offend them.

If you find yourself getting offended easily, it’s a good idea to ask the Lord, where is this offense rooted, what wounds are you wanting to heal Lord? The Lord Jesus is the only way to truly get those wounds healed, not other form of inner healing will suffice. Jesus is always ready and willing to heal. ❤️‍🩹

I’ll be sharing more of what the Lord has taught me since I’ve been doing inner healing and deliverance sessions over the past few years. If you’d like to know how to book a session with me, go to this link to find out more from my site.


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