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About HFD Ministries

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I was born and raised in church. I went just about every Wednesday and Sunday until I was old enough to make the decision not to go. When I was in high school I did my own thing, I hung out with friends and lived how I wanted to live, and I quit going to church for many years. This is because church never taught or showed me what having a relationship with Jesus Christ was, and I never really understood it.

Years later in April 2020 the Lord Jesus woke me up out of my slumber. He showed me through a series of wake up calls through various channels on YouTube. He showed me what having a relationship with Him really was and what my purpose was on this earth. (I highly suggest watching the film "The Last Reformation: The Life" on YouTube, It sparked the change in my heart that led me to get rededicate my life to Christ and get baptized a second time, now that I knew what baptism truly meant. The Lord Jesus set me free through that baptism on April 26th 2020. I was set free from pornography and all the sexual sin that comes with it, I had that addiction for 16 years and I never thought I'd ever beat it, and I couldn't do it alone.

Fast forward to the present time, The Lord has given me this ministry to spread the Gospel, and help set the captives free! I do one on one prayer sessions with people online through video calls (whichever outlet allows video calls, doesn't matter, zoom/skype/whatsapp/FT/Instagram/FB) The Lord Jesus can set you free and give you a new beginning if you choose to give Him your all and follow Him! If you need deliverance prayer, all my links for my book and my youtube channel at the top or bottom of this page. You will find all you need to help you on my youtube channel or in my book. Go to my contact page to contact me for special inquiries.

(This is only a short summary of my testimony, watch my testimony below for a more in depth look)

The Ledbetter Family



Mason Ledbetter

The Ledbetter family, Mason Ledbetter (myself) my wife Kaylee, our son Lucas and our daughter Avalyn!

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