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New Blog Post!

“Does Deliverance Ministry Minimize What Jesus Did On The Cross?”

Mason Ledbetter

More feedback from inner healing/deliverance sessions! All glory to God! Thank You Jesus!

If you’re interested in booking a session, you can follow this link 🔗

Mason Ledbetter
Daniel Flores
9 days ago · joined the group.
Mason Ledbetter

📌TONIGHT! Inner Healing and Deliverance class on Zoom. If you’re wanting to attend you’ll have to get your ticket 🎟️ here on the HFD Ministries site

You’ll need your ticket in order to get the zoom link to join the class. This class will include an inner healing group session, and a group deliverance session. This is a 2 part series packed into one night! So excited to see what God does!

Mason Ledbetter
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