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📌 Inner Healing & Deliverance Zoom class details!

Friday July 12th at 6pm cst.

This online Zoom class is an introduction to inner healing and deliverance. This course includes an inner healing group session and a deliverance group session so that you can go through inner healing and deliverance with my guidance. Here is a list of some of the topics we will go over in this class:

1. The ministry of Jesus Christ.

2. Common myths about deliverance & deliverance ministry.

3. Christians and demons.

4. How do demons enter?

5. Common open doors and legal rights.

6. Hindrances to deliverance.

7. Steps to freedom.

8. Introduction to inner healing.

9. Inner healing session.

10. The deliverance process.

11. Deliverance session.

And much more... This course is designed to take someone who knows little to nothing about inner healing and deliverance to a point where they can understand it, as well as take them through it themselves. After going through this class, the attendee will be empowered and equipped enough to be able to do inner healing and deliverance for themselves in the secret place with Jesus, as well as minister it to someone else. It would be beneficial to download or order my book titled "Self-Deliverance and Warfare Prayers" which we reference a lot during this class. You can order it from Amazon, or you can order straight from the website.

Event link: ⬇️

Mason Ledbetter

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