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God Is Doing Something New In HFD Ministries!

I am so excited to share with you all that God has been doing in my life and HFD ministries lately. Holy Spirit is birthing something brand new. As I have surrendered to the Lord, He has continued to lead me further into the ministry of making disciples while operating and teaching others how to operate in inner healing and deliverance. Jesus has continued to open doors and lead me further and deeper into this ministry.

God has called me to take a huge leap of faith. He is calling me away from my full time job to step into full-time ministry. This is a huge leap of faith for me and my family. He has shown me that He wants to use me as an instrument to set the captives free and equip other saints do so. Door after door of confirmation has been opened by the Lord and by the end of this month, April 2024, I will be trusting the Lord for His provision and step into full-time ministry.

God has continued to show me how much need there is in the body of Christ for healing, inner healing, deliverance, discipleship, equipping and empowering of the saints. In order to do this properly and effectively I am seeing that people need others to come alongside of them and help them over a period of time instead of doing a quick one time deliverance session. God is calling me to operate not only in deliverance and inner healing but also professional counseling. So many people go to counseling for years yet they do not address or heal from the root issue. The ministry that God is leading me into addresses all of those needs.

So many people are looking for help yet they are not finding this help in the body of Christ or through Christian counseling, or any counseling for that matter. I am finding that most Christian counselors are not trained in addressing inner healing or deliverance (the casting out of demons). When the root issue within the soul is not healed (soul wounds), deliverance is not as effective or even lasting. I want to offer a service and ministry that can come alongside people and get in the trenches with them so that they can walk in full freedom and healing in the name of Jesus. This takes time and care.

You may ask, "why is there a need for all of these things when there are so many deliverance ministers/ministries out there?" That is a wonderful question. So many believers are coming to me after going through deliverance from various ministries. Nothing against those ministries but these believers have not been given the time and attention that is needed for them to truly walk in full freedom. Often inner healing, open doors and renewing of the mind have been overlooked. Most deliverance ministers do not have the time that is necessary to address these components because this often requires significant time. Discipleship does not happen overnight and that is something that God is wanting to change in this ministry.

Many people receive deliverance only to go home and fall back into sin and bondage and get bound all over again by the enemy. Many people receive deliverance and inner healing is not even addressed. Many people receive deliverance and they are not counseled on how to renew their mind and remain free. Many people received deliverance and they do not even know the open doors that they have open to the enemy are still open in their life. Many people receive deliverance and the generational curses in their family have still not been broken. God has been showing me that He wants to birth something new and He’s put this dream in my heart.

All of these components of freedom require a strategic and detailed approach that includes counseling, inner healing and deliverance, follow up as well as teaching on how to renew the mind, eliminate open doors to the enemy and walk as a new creation in Christ Jesus, and to even minister inner healing and deliverance to themselves and to others. This is a need that often requires many sessions and it's a service and ministry that is not readily being offered as a whole in the body of Christ. I see this as a big problem.

Holy Spirit is giving me a passion and a strategy on how to approach this whole entire process comprehensively. I have a passion to see others equipped and empowered so that they can also operate in the same type of deliverance processes that Holy Spirit has taught me how to operate in. I am also creating retreats and training events in person so that people can learn with hands-on experience. Online courses are also available.

I am stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord for His financial provision, wisdom and guidance as I pursue this full time ministry. I am excited to see what Jesus is going to do in the lives of countless people through the power of the Holy Spirit. I would love for you to partner with me in prayer and financial support as I step out in faith. Please pray about whether God is calling you to partner with HFD Ministries in all the Lord wants to do. I know that God will provide for the needs of my family as I leave my full time job and rely on Him. I ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of what the Lord is doing with HFD ministries. Thank you for your prayers and support. You can find out how to contact or become a partner on the website,

Much blessings!

~Mason Ledbetter

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Congratulations and there is a great need for this type of ministry. I will be in prayer for you In Jesus name Amen

Mason Ledbetter
Mason Ledbetter
3 days ago

Thank you so much for your prayers! I pray that you will be mightily blessed for your intercession for this ministry!

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