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How Do I Book a Session?

Mason Ledbetter does inner healing and deliverance sessions Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm. These sessions can be done in-person or over video calls. The orange button bellow will take you to fill out the form to begin the process to book the session. Find out more about the entire process down below, along with some FAQ's.


In-Person Session
Video Call Session

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The Process

The goal of an inner healing and deliverance session is to show the person how Jesus is always ready to heal and deliver His children. There are too many Christians who are beat down and run over, wounded from many battles. So many Christians are struggling, in bondage, and in need of inner healing for the traumas they've been through in life. The goal is to take the recipient through inner healing and deliverance so that what the enemy has done throughout the person's life can be destroyed and the person can then live life more abundantly according to what Jesus paid for them have through the cross. Jesus not only paid for us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him, He also paid for us to have a transformed life, healed and set free. The goal of a session is to bring a person into the freedom that Jesus bought for them through His sacrifice. I want to make sure that the recipient gets the inner healing and deliverance they need and that they get equipped and empowered to minister inner healing and deliverance to themselves and to others. The recipient will be armed with resources to help them walk in their newly found freedoms. So let's look at how this process goes, if someone is wanting to book a session they will be taken to this page and shown the following instructions:

  • It is mandatory that someone who is wanting to book a session reads my first book titled "Self-Deliverance and Warfare Prayers." This book is a short book less than 100 pages. This book can be ordered or downloaded from Amazon or from here on this website under the shop tab. If the bondages you are dealing with are absolutely too much to handle and you are not able to read the book, make sure to let me know, you can reach out to me via the contact form on this website under the contact tab. 

  • The person requesting a session must fill out my "ministry request form." This form is a questionnaire that gives me most of the information about the recipient that I need for the session. This saves a great deal of time and allows me to create a battle plan for our session with the Holy Spirit. This form also acts as a signed liability document. A link to this form can be found below (under the FAQ section).

  • Once the request form has been filled out, the recipient will be sent my online schedule of availability by email. It is very important to keep an eye on the email and spam folders during this process because sometimes these emails can be placed in the junk/spam folder, so keep an eye on those. The recipient will be able to book the date and time on my calendar with this link. The recipient will be able to choose whether they want to do the session in-person or over video call with this link as well. After the time and date is chosen, the recipient will be asked to pay a fixed price of $125. This donation secures your session. I will not allow finances to hinder a person from receiving ministry.

  • Once all this has been completed, I will see you at the date and time of our session! If this is something God is leading you to do, click the button below to be taken to fill out the ministry request form. Much blessings!


The recipient is the only person allowed to come to the session unless otherwise specified.

All sessions are video recorded for legal purposes. These recordings and any information gathered are completely confidential. Recordings will not be shared or used for training purposes unless consent is given.

There may be trainees and other prayer support from the HFD Ministries team present at any session (online or in-person). This is not negotiable.

Typically each session will go for 2 to 3 hours.

Children can go through deliverance. A parent can sign their child up to go through a session.

The recommended donation is non-refundable, even for no-shows.

The fixed price secures your session. Each session is 2 to 3 hours.

Why is there a recommended donation? There are always costs involved in ministry. Lawyer fees, accounting and bookkeeping costs, webpage design and maintenance, insurance, supplies, literature, payroll, and much more. We believe that deliverance and deliverance sessions should be conducted as part of a church's ministry which is supported by one's tithes/donations to their church. If your church is not providing deliverance counseling, HFD Ministries will conduct a deliverance session providing the candidate meets the requirements. When a person comes for a deliverance session, someone is paying for the session, even if the deliverance candidate chooses not to donate. HFD Ministries operates intentionally from churches and denominations, and because of this, we recommend a deliverance candidate make a donation of $125 to help offset the cost involved in the ministry. You may also want to become a monthly partner with HFD Ministries (you can find out how on this site). Your donations are being used to literally destroy the Kingdom of Satan. Finances are never a hindrance to being set free so do not let your inability to donate stop you from booking a session.

Is there a waiting list? Yes, there may be about a couple weeks wait time, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Is there training available? Yes, there is an online course available here on the website. There are also in-person and online training classes. These classes will be in our events section here on the website if any are scheduled currently. The online course is always available to take online.

Will I need more inner healing and deliverance? Yes, The answer to this question relies on the commitment of a believer to live a God centered life. If you were able to live a life that is sin free, never opening another door to the enemy, then you would never need deliverance again. With this being said, inner healing and deliverance is a process that should begin when a person becomes a Christian. It's a process, never a one and done deal. It's a journey. Typically it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 sessions to go through every layer of the onion. Deliverance is like going through the layers of an onion, the Lord will go through one layer at a time until the recipient can maintain the freedom, and they are read to go to the next level of freedom in Christ. Once a few sessions have been done, the recipient should then be equipped and empowered to continue the journey themselves between them and God, and even be able to minister inner healing and deliverance to others.

A recipient will be equipped with post deliverance resources and be empowered and equipped to continue in self-inner healing and deliverance, and also minister it to others.

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