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Is Exposing Falsehood Stirring Up Strife?

No, we are not talking about differences in the way people minister and do things.

We are talking about exposing falsehood. Serious issues within the Church body.

It isn't mocking, slander or (wrong) judgement. We are actually supposed to judge within the Church, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. There's a shaking going on in the Church right now and many out there are saying these things. They are saying that it's judgement, or that it's slander, or that it's mocking, or that it's stirring up drama and strife. This is just not the case whatsoever (although some may be approaching it in wrong ways). We are most definitely called to save the lost, but we are also called to keep the flock out of harms way. It will seem like drama, division, or strife. It's meant to do these things, because it makes people uncomfortable who are used to the falsehood. It also makes those uncomfortable who don't say something when they see something is wrong. We are supposed to warn and expose falsehood, it's Biblical, and we've been too comfortable with not doing it.

Most of the letters that Paul wrote to the Church are exposing falsehood! Do you think Paul cared that it may cause division? It was supposed to. Did Paul think "I better not expose this stuff because it'll make big waves." No he didn't. It was supposed to make waves. It separates the ones who want the truth and the ones who don't want to learn. People get comfortable in their ways and they don't want to see any fault in it, they don't want to think that they may need correction. We need to be open to correction. The Word of God has the final say so.

The falsehood that has crept into the Church is extremely damaging to God's people. These things aren't just differences in how ministries do things, or differences in how people minister. We are speaking about an infiltration in the Church that is transferring spirits and imparting false fire.

There has been a Kundalini (counterfeit spirit/spirit that imitates the workings of Holy Spirit) Infiltration (And no this spirit doesn't just come from Yoga). The Lord is causing a great shaking within the Church right now because He is exposing these things! The counterfeit things are being shifted out! Those who preach another gospel, or another Jesus. Those that twist scripture, add to it or take away from it. Those who don't care about the flock, they care about followers, numbers, and views. Those who are working from another spirit, not the Holy Spirit.

If you don't understand that false deliverance is a thing, and that it absolutely does exist. It's time to understand it, because it's real, wether you want to believe it or not. Many people have been victims of this. People who go to events from these people who are operating in another spirit are getting filled with counterfeit spirits and transferred spirits. These ministers are laying hands on people and imparting spirits and false fire. This stuff is happening! People are coming to my ministry and many other ministries that I speak with and they are seeking help because they went to these events and left worse off than they were when they went! This is a massive problem!

When deliverance is taking place with these victims, we find that spirits were transferred and imparted at these events. To discredit this is to call these victims liars, and even to call us liars. And I don't want to hear "well demons lie." Yes they will attempt to lie sometimes, but they can be forced to tell the truth. Trust me, it's possible to get the truth out of a demon. If your ministry doesn't specialize in deliverance, or if your ministry doesn't do deliverance often, or if you've only ever done "altar call deliverance" then there isn't any room to deny what we are saying. There are ministries like mine and others who do deliverance day in and day out for years.

When people are going to events and leaving worse off than they came, this is a massive problem, and the Lord is exposing it as we speak. It even further confirms the falsehood when these ministries are further examined and we find out they are teaching another gospel, or a false Jesus. You can think that it's strife, or drama, or whatever you want to think, but the Lord is exposing it. The Lord is shifting out the counterfeit.

In the past few years there has been a massive awakening in the church concerning deliverance. I call this a deliverance awakening. Deliverance is being restored to the Church, and this is what God wants. Deliverance should have never left...

The enemy seen this deliverance awakening and knew they had to make a move to stop it or prevent it from growing. What better way to do this than to infiltrate it with something counterfeit. This is exactly what's happening, and the Lord is putting a stop to it. The Lord wants His children set free, and the counterfeits aren't doing it. They are worried about numbers, views, followers, cameras, and building their own kingdoms.

The Lord is weeding out the false and rising up the real.

If you'd like to find out more about all of this, or false deliverance and false fire. There are some videos on my channel that touch on this subject.

Much love and blessings,

~Mason Ledbetter


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