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The Day The Lord Changed My Life

4 years ago on April 26th 2020 I buried my old life through water baptism. I came out of that water a new person, a new creation in Jesus. I came out of that water that day set free of my addictions. I was set free from sexual addictions that I had dealt with since I was around 11 years old. Jesus set me free, and ever since that day I have been a completely different person.

I was born and raised in the church, I went to church all my life. I was even baptized when I was around 13 years old. I just thought water baptism was a public display of the faith. It is way more than that, it’s a burial of the old life! In my mind I thought that since I grew up in church, believed in God, and knew the Bible stories that I was good to go. I thought that’s what it was all about, but I was wrong. I lived just like the world. I had one foot in the world and one foot with Jesus. This cannot be so. You’re either on the side of the fence with Jesus, or you’re on the side with the devil, there’s no in between. The devil owns the fence.

I realized in 2020 that I couldn’t live this way anymore if I really wanted to follow Jesus and have a real relationship with Him. Because it’s not about religion at all, it’s a relationship, and I didn’t have a real relationship with Jesus, I had the head knowledge but I didn’t truly know Him.

So on April 26th 2020, I repented for my sins, for the way of life I had lived, and I buried that life under this water. I came out a new man, and I was free from my addictions! I now have a true relationship with Jesus, and I follow Him wherever He leads me. I don’t have religion, I have a relationship with the King of Kings! I’m a child of God and I know who I am. My identity is in Christ!

This all started a journey for me. My journey with Jesus. It’s a process. Since that day I have been on a journey through inner healing and deliverance. I was set free that day from my addictions but I still had soul wounds that needed healing from Jesus, I still had more deliverance that needed to be done in my life. The Lord began my inner healing and deliverance journey with Him that day and He’s been transforming me ever since. He’s healed my soul wounds, and He’s delivered me from so much. Through all of this He also trained me how to take others through inner healing and deliverance. Through His sacrifice on the cross, Jesus not only paid for us to spend eternity with Him, He also paid for us a transformed life. He bought our inner and physical healing, and He bought our deliverance! We all have a journey through inner healing and deliverance to go through with Jesus. He takes us by the hand and walks us through it if we allow Him to! But we have to truly follow Him and allow Him change us! He will do it, He’s done it for me and I’ve seen Him do it for so many others!

I have now been taking people through inner healing and deliverance since 2020. I’ve written 3 books on the things I’ve learned. HFD Ministries was birthed through all of this. I never dreamed I’d ever be in ministry, or even writing books. I’ve seen the Lord do so many miracles in people’s lives! It’s truly an honor to be a vessel for the Lord and I will follow Him wherever He leads. Currently I am doing ministry full time, teaching classes locally on inner healing and deliverance, and doing sessions throughout the week. If you’d like to find out more or book a session with me, you can go to my website.

God is so good! He has changed my life! He can do it for you as well! I’ve seen Him do it for so many people! You are a child of God! He wants you to know who you really are! This world is not our home, and nothing of this world will ever satisfy us. Only Jesus will bring you true peace, and the best love there ever could be. All glory to God! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


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