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Self-Deliverance and Warfare Prayers is a guide to finding the healing and freedom that Jesus Christ bought for you through His finished work of the cross. Many Christians are struggling with bondage, torment, affliction, and oppression. Most of them don’t even understand how they can be free. This book will give you the answers.


I have designed this easy to understand guide to be all you need to take back all the ground that the enemy may have in your life. You will be able to find the source of the struggles in your life, uproot them, and evict the enemy from you life. 


Information about inner healing and deliverance is rare and misunderstood. This guide offers practical steps to freedom in Jesus, along with guided prayers. Not only can this book be used for you, it can also be used as a resource to help you minister inner healing and deliverance to someone else. 


I pray this book found your hands for a reason. I’m praying for breakthrough and freedom in your life through Jesus Christ!

Self-Deliverance and Warfare Prayers Paperback

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