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Inner Healing & Deliverance Training at Your Church or Fellowship

Mason Ledbetter and his team will come to your church or fellowship to teach a four class inner healing & deliverance training course. This could be done one class per week for four weeks (locally) or this could be done as a two day weekend event. This class could also be broken up into a one day event. This training course does include mass (group) deliverance session as well as a group inner healing session.

The In-Person Training Course

The following is an outline for how my course will go. We could do these classes over the weekend as a weekend event, or we could drag it out over the course of a week. We are willing to work with you as far as what this will look like. The curriculum will go something like the following (this is only an example and is not exactly how it will go).


The first class is my introduction. It includes my testimony, as well as some introduction to deliverance ministry.


The second class we will get more in depth with deliverance training.


The third class my team and I will do a mass deliverance service (group/corporate deliverance).


The fourth class will be a very in depth deliverance training class. Those who attended every class will receive a certificate of completion.

Click the button below for the online course version of this training course. The online version does vary slightly from the in-person course.

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