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My first release hit number 1 new release in the “Christian Prayer Books” category on Amazon within the first couple weeks of its release.

My second book release hit number one new release in the “Angelology and Demonology” category on Amazon on release day!

All glory to God! God is so incredible!

My third book “Deep Deliverance” is releasing on Friday!

Those of you who ordered or downloaded my first two books made it possible to hit this kind of goal for the Kingdom of God!

If you want to order or download my third book on Friday when it releases, we can make this happen a third time in a row!! I appreciate all of your support and it’s been so incredible to see what God has done with these books in people’s lives!

If you want to be notified by text and email as soon as “Deep Delieverance” goes LIVE on Friday the 16th, you can sign up to be notified here:


I’m more excited than I’ve ever been for a book release! I pray that all who read this book are blessed mightily, in Jesus Name!

Much love and blessings!

Looking forward to Friday!

Mason Ledbetter
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