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I will be hosting a four part introduction series on Inner Healing and Deliverance (Presented by Under His Wings Ministries). This series is titled Inner Healing and Deliverance 101. Those who go through this class will be able to move on to the next series which will be for those who are wanting an advanced training in this area of ministry so they can operate in it for themselves and for others.

This 4 part series will include the following:

- Introduction to Inner Healing and Deliverance.

- Confronting common myths about Deliverance Ministry.

- Legal Rights and Open Doors.

- Hindrances to Deliverance.

- Prerequisites for Deliverance.

- Inner Healing group session.

- Deliverance group session.

- The Deliverance session process.

- Self-Inner Healing and Deliverance.

- And more...

(Attendees who are wanting to go through Inner Healing and Deliverance will get a chance to do so during the group sessions)

This event is a 4 part introduction series for Inner Healing and Deliverance. This event will take place 4 Mondays in a row beginning on the 25th of March. This event (all 4 Mondays) will be held at Lampstand Church in Decatur, IL - starting at 6pm March 25th. Those wanting to attend must RSVP by purchasing a ticket at the price of your choice. Once you purchase a ticket, you will use that ticket for all 4 parts of the series (all 4 Mondays). In order to attend you must have RSVP your spot at this link:


It is recommended that you also purchase my book titled “Self-Deliverance and Warfare Prayers” because we will be going over quite a bit of that book in this series. Link to buy below:

Books will also be sold at the event. The books are also sold on Amazon.

If you aren't able to purchase a book or purchase a ticket for the event for any reason, send an email to the email address below.

For any and all questions, email at

Special thanks to Under His Wings Ministries for setting all this up and hosting HFD Ministries!

This is an in-person event and will not be LIVE or online.

Mason Ledbetter
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