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"What Are the Next Steps After Receiving Deliverance?"

This blog post will be the exact post that is sent to those who go through an inner healing and deliverance session with me. If I have sent you a link to this post, it is likely that you've been through a session with me recently, but if you are reading this because you have just stumbled up my blog, then welcome to a compilation of all the advice and information that I would tell someone at the end of a session. I wanted to compile all the information I know about this in one place, so here it is, and I pray this is a huge blessing and extremely helpful for you! If you have received this post because you've just had a session with me, please pay close attention to the information in this post. It is detrimental to you in order to maintain your new found freedom in Jesus.

I'm going to compile the following information in bullet points, in order to keep this as brief as possible, and straight to the point. The enemy will be extremely unhappy that they have lost ground in your life, so they will be regrouping and reorganizing a new plan to come against you and gain this ground back that they've lost. We do not want the enemy to gain back any ground, the goal is that you maintain your freedom and walk in it! I'm going to release to you all that I've learned about this in my experience in deliverance ministry. So here we go...

  • Maintaining your part of the relationship with Jesus Christ is the #1 goal. If you do this everyday, and if you do it well, you will not have to worry about the enemy regaining the ground they've lost. Reading the Word of God, praying, talking to God, praying in tongues, seeking His face, communing with Him, sitting in His presence, all of these things need to be done daily. Set a time aside every day for this and stick to it, don't waver from it at any cost, even if you have to force yourself. Trust me. You may have to force it for a few days but you'll always be happy you did because it's always worth it! This is all a normal part of the life of a follower of Jesus, this is our part of our relationship with Him. We refer to this as "spiritual discipline." This must be priority over anything and everything. We must make sure that we are seeking the Deliverer Himself. We want to make sure we aren't seeking more of what He can offer than seeking Him for Him!

  • In order for the enemy to regain ground they've lost, they need you to agree with them. They'll do this by lying to you. They'll lie to you in many different ways, i'm going to list a few of the common ones they'll tell you here:

  1. Nothing really happened during the session - this is an extremely common lie they will attempt. If they can bring you to doubt the things that transpired in a session, then they can lead you to doubt anything good happened at all. They are thieves, they want to steal what Jesus did for you in our session. Don't let them! Rebuke these lies, and the doubt if it tries to creep in! Here are some other common lies you may hear...

  2. I didn't feel or notice anything so nothing must've happened - don't fall for this lie, manifestations don't always have to take place. People have been through sessions with me in the past and felt absolutely nothing, yet they still found new freedoms in Jesus. It's a lie that you have to notice something or feel something during deliverance prayer.

  3. You're still not free because you still are feeling this way, or because you still are being tempted with this - This is a very common lie they use because even if you've been delivered of something, the renewal of the mind still needs to happen. So it's completely normal that temptation would still come, but you should be able to overcome it easier now by the power of the Holy Spirit in you! The enemy will try to get you to doubt your freedom because you may experience an emotion that you had before your deliverance. They will try to make you think that just because you are feeling this way that you aren't delivered. This is just a trick from the enemy. Their goal is to get you to fall back into the same old mindset/stronghold you had before your deliverance. You need to recognize this and rebuke ALL forms of doubt, discouragement, and lies that come to you. Regardless of how you feel, and regardless the temptations that may come. You need to stay strong, and stay close to Jesus daily, no matter what!

  • You may know deep down that you really do need more inner healing and deliverance. And that is absolutely okay! Do not let the enemy discourage you by reminding you that more work needs to be done. We already know that more work needs to be done and that's perfectly fine! Inner healing and deliverance is a process, it's a journey with Jesus! This is relationship with Him! Just like scripture says, we are being taken from glory to glory, and He will finish His work in us the last day! This work He is working in us to be more and more like Him will never end, we will never "arrive." Until the last day that is, when He finishes His work with us! So don't be discouraged or overwhelmed, just trust Jesus, and trust His process. He is in control!

  • I don't know how other ministries do their process, but my goal is to take a person through a few sessions and get them equipped and empowered to be comfortable enough to continue their journey themselves, between them and the Lord on their own. This could take anywhere from 2 to 5 sessions (from what i've seen from a majority percentage), so don't worry if there's a lot more work to do, seriously, don't let the enemy get into your head! It's all okay, and Father God has this! It's all in His perfect timing anyway!

  • The enemy will attempt to cause situations and circumstances to arise around you to create stress, or strife, or somehow bring you to a weak place of mind. This is because the enemy knows they need you to get into a place of weakness where your defenses are down. This way they can hit you with a temptation and you'll be more likely to take the bait. BUT you will be less likely to take the bait if you keep up on your spiritual disciplines like we talked about earlier! This is one reason why this is so so important! The more days you let go by without spending time with God, your defenses will weaken, even if it doesn't feel like it, this is fact!

  • IF you happen to stumble or fall into a sin again. Don't let the enemy beat you down because of it! Get back up quickly, dust yourself off, go straight to the Father and repent and move forward like it never happened! Don't let the enemy feed you with guilt, shame, or condemnation, rebuke all of that and move forward right where you left off like it never happened! Command whatever junk from the enemy that may have latched onto you through it to go to the pit and keep moving forward! Don't let it cause you to take two steps backwards! Also rebuke ALL forms of doubt, discouragement, guilt, shame, and condemnation, and command it all to go to the pit in Jesus' Name!

  • Do not let yourself stay idle! Have you ever heard the saying "an idle mind is the devil's playground?" This is true! You need to stay productive, and the best way to do this is to keep spending time with God and take care of yourself! Keep busy in productive ways!

  • You also need fellowship of some kind with those who are like-minded believers! If you don't have this, you need to find this. It could be a local church or a local bible study. It could also be an online bible study or fellowship. You may have both, both would be great! It is so important to be encouraged and sharpened by fellowship with like-minded believers! Ask the Lord to connect you with like-minded people/groups. I have a community group that I have started here on the website that serves as an online fellowship. If you'd like to check that out you can go here and create an account and join the group!

If you are spending time every day with the Lord and keeping up on your spiritual disciplines, your relationship with Jesus, you will notice when the enemy comes with these tactics i've talked about here in this article, and you will be able to rebuke them and cast them to the pit when they attempt these things. BUT if you are not doing your part in taking care of your spiritual disciplines, you will be more susceptible to these attacks, you may not recognize them when they come and you may fall for these schemes. Like I said earlier, if you are taking care of your relationship with Jesus daily, you will recognize these tricks when they come and you will overcome with Holy Spirit. Live and walk in the Spirit like the scriptures tell us, because if you sow into the flesh, you will reap the flesh. I could say this over and over because it's so incredibly important. It's the whole point of this article.

Deliverance ministers can pray that every vacant area left open where the enemy once resided be filled up with Holy Spirit, but ultimately it's up to you to keep those areas filled. It's your responsibility to keep your house filled up, so take good care of it! When you stay in those spiritual disciplines daily, that is mind renewal! The mind renewal takes place when you do this! We can't renew our own minds, the Holy Spirit does it when we spend time with the Lord in His presence and stay in the Word of God and prayer daily. Seek Him daily in numerous ways, and you won't have to worry about wether or not you will maintain your new freedom in Jesus! All Glory to God!

Much love and blessings friend!

~Mason Ledbetter

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