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The Connection Between Inner Healing and Deliverance: Exploring the Hand-in-Hand Relationship

Just like physical healing goes hand-in-hand with deliverance (freedom from evil spirits), inner healing also goes hand-in-hand with deliverance.

In the deliverance area of ministry we see that physical healing almost always comes when freedom from demonic spirits takes place. Sometimes deliverance is needed for physical healing to come.

Sometimes our physical healing, and even deeper deliverance, comes from our inner healing. I've seen physical healing come for people that i've ministered to because Jesus healed the wounds of their past or their "soul wounds." Deeper deliverance and freedom in Jesus also accompanies inner healing. Usually when a person cannot seem to receive deliverance, or more deliverance, the person is in need of inner healing. Jesus is always ready and willing to heal and deliver, He loves to heal soul wounds. Just like the scripture above says He heals the broken hearted. Another scripture in Psalm states that He's close to the broken hearted. Physical healing and deliverance oftentimes lies in the fact that Jesus needs to heal the soul wounds through inner healing. As I always say, if Jesus hasn't healed the wounds, then they aren't healed. It is a false idea that time heals wounds. If Jesus hasn't done it, then they aren't healed yet.

Jesus desires a relationship with us like this, He wants us to let Him into our vulnerable areas and face them alongside Him. He wants to heal these broken pieces. We have to be willing to let Him in and face these pains and traumas from our past with Jesus. This is deep intimacy with Him, allowing Him to come and meet us in our wounds and allow Him to heal them. Jesus desires intimacy with us, and this is one of the deepest forms of intimacy with the Lord. This is how He transforms us. Jesus wants a bride who is without spot or blemish, a clean bride. If we haven't been cleaned up through inner healing and deliverance, we can't walk out our purpose and destiny properly on this earth. We will be hindered by the problems that these unhealed wounds create, or the problems that the demons we haven't been delivered from create in our lives. Things like hinderances and the delay of our calling can be the result. Don't you want to properly live out your calling God has planned for you on this earth without hinderance and delay? Don't you want to be the man or woman that the Lord has created you to be? We can't properly do this with the baggage of our unhealed wounds and the areas of our life where we need deliverance. ALL of us, in some way, are in need of inner healing and deliverance in our lives, especially if we've never been through inner healing or deliverance before. If you haven't, there is so much more you are missing, and I encourage you to give it a go and let Jesus do what He wants to do!

Inner healing and deliverance is a process, like the layers of an onion, never a one-and-done deal. It's a journey with Jesus that we all need to go through. There's absolutely no shame in needing inner healing or deliverance whatsoever, it's a journey we all need to go through with the Lord. He desires this deep relationship with us. Inner healing and deliverance is a journey with Jesus and He works through it with us little by little, layer after layer of the onion. Many people don't even know that this is a journey, and that they are still in need of a lot more work, more inner healing and deliverance. But like I said, there is absolutely no shame in these things, it's a very beautiful thing to be on this journey with Jesus. We should all be on this journey. After all, Jesus bought this transformation for us through His sacrifice. He bought us an eternity with Him, but He also bought for us inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance! I can say that my life is proof of these things, and many I've ministered to will testify. If you haven't began the inner healing and deliverance journey with Jesus, you are missing out on so much, and I'd say it's time to begin!

In summary, inner healing is extremely important, and it does go hand-in-hand with deliverance. Unhealed wounds are a big problem, they cause stress on our minds and bodies and can even bring pain, sickness, and even disease. Unhealed wounds can even be open doors for demons to return after deliverance has been done, or an unhealed wound can be the legal right itself for the demon to stay in a person's life. It's a shame that inner healing with Jesus is neglected and even frowned upon by many ministries. I always have said that deliverance is the most attacked area of ministry, but inner healing is neck and neck with it. These things shouldn't be so.

I pray the Lord restores inner healing and deliverance to the Church. He's building an inner healing and deliverance army as we speak. The laborers are few! Go through inner healing and deliverance and get trained how to do it for others! You can find out more about inner healing and deliverance in my books sold on Amazon, or on the HFD Ministries site. I also have an introduction to inner healing and deliverance online training course available. If the Lord leads, you can even book a session with me straight from the website.

The online course is free for those who subscribe monthly

Much love and blessings,

~ Mason Ledbetter


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