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Thoughts on Kat Von D's Baptism

If you haven't heard, Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D posted a video of her baptism which took place yesterday. It has gone viral since. I see posts and arguments all over social media about it. Many people are happy and excited for her and many think this is just a celebrity publicity stunt. Back in July 2022 Kat posted that she renounced witchcraft and the occult to pursue Christianity. She said that she even burned all of her occult books. So here we are over year later and Kat has now gotten baptized yesterday. You can google it and easily find the video if you haven't seen it.

Why am I writing about this?

First of all, I think it's fantastic that she has renounced the occult. I also think it's fantastic that she was baptized yesterday. I do not think that her renouncing the occult publicly was a publicity stunt because the amount of backlash one would get from the occult world for doing something like that would be very intense. The whole occult world would've been out to curse her, and i'm sure they were. The fact she was heavy into the occult and witchcraft, she would've known the repercussions of something like that. So this is why I don't think it was a publicity stunt. I'm well aware that most of the time, unfortunately, when celebs turn to christianity or talk positively about Jesus, it's hardly ever legitimate. Usually it ends up being a new age, false, twisted form of Christianity. This is evident by the way the person lives their life, and by how they speak about Jesus. If it's a true conversion, the fruit of the person's life would show proof of repentance, a change of lifestyle and turning away from sin to truly pursue Jesus.

Regardless if Kat's baptism was legitimate, it does plant a seed for thousands of people. I think this is a great thing, it makes people think! I pray that Kat is legitimately pursuing the real Jesus, not a false Jesus, or "another gospel." Unfortunately this is usually what these celebrities follow, it's not the real Jesus, it's a false gospel, but I pray that Kat is really seeking the true Jesus. All we can do is pray for her and look for signs of repentance (or a turn from sinful lifestyle) in her life. Time will tell.

Water baptism is the burial of the old life and the burial of the body of sin. A person who has buried their old life through water baptism is reborn, they have a new life in Jesus Christ. They are a new creation. They are no longer a slave to sin but a slave to righteousness. This life transformation should be evident after a legitimate baptism. Repentance must come first before water baptism, this is because repentance is the death of the old life, and water baptism is the burial. You cannot bury the old life if it isn't dead. A person who has truly been born again, who has repented and buried the old life, will have evidence of a transformation or a dramatically changed life.

With all of this being said. Time will tell.

I pray that Kat is legitimately seeking the real Jesus Christ, real Christianity.

Regardless, I do think that the fact this is all gone viral is a really great thing. This is one of the main reasons I even shared about it on my facebook. The fact that she renounced the occult to follow Jesus, and now has been baptized. I'm sure it really has many thinking, especially those in the occult.

Like I said, all we can do is pray for her, and watch and see the fruit of this transformation. We will see. If this is legitimate, Kat needs the proper Christian mentorship, because if she is being guided by people who are preaching another gospel, then that is not good. Kat needs the proper guidance and mentorship with believers who know the Bible, the real Jesus, and I pray that she gets this in Jesus' Name.


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